NES Retro Mini X Console Takes You Back In Time

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Old school gadgets are making a comeback even in the gaming world and everything retro has suddenly become more exciting than it had been when it first came out. Today, even hardcore gamers like to sit back and relax with an old-style game every now and then. The Portable NES Retro Mini X isn’t just old-style; it is a real blast from the past that will take you back in time to when things were much simpler.

old school nes game console

The handheld Mini NES system is available with the NES Zapper making shooting games so much more fun. Sure, a shooting game like Duck Hunting doesn’t really require for you to do any big thinking but you still need to have lightning fast reflexes, right? Plus, it’s great for losing all that pent up energy for when you feel like blowing someone’s head off after an especially hard day at work or school. You also get two wireless NES Controllers and the whole NES set would only cost you $50 at

portable nes game console

The Retro Mini X can be connected to a TV for some fun time but just remember that if you want to use the Light Gun Zapper you have to be playing on an old-style TV. So, if your TV is a new age flatscreen then you could be zapping away like crazy without killing anybody! You see, even to have some uncomplicated fun, you have to make a lot of adjustments. Get yourself some old NES cartridges; this would be worth it even with the setbacks.