The Twilight Watch Design Walks You Through Day and Night

cool twilight watch design

The Twilight watch walks you through day and night by changing the color on its face as darkness gradually approaches, and it gives you a real feel of the daylight fading away into twilight and then the night that brings darkness.

twilight watch design concept

The twilight watch heads the competition by incorporating this phenomenon into the functioning of the watch. It is also very reliable and comes in stainless steel with the straps made of genuine leather. It is also water resistant. Take a look at some more pictures…

early twilight watch design concept

The twilight watch definitely looks interesting enough to buy and will surely appeal to the nerdy science brains out there. While you decide whether or not it is for you, take a look at how it functions in this black and white demo video…

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$120 at Via:  Geeky-gadgets