The Dark Knight Batmobile Remade as a Go-Kart Creation

new batmobile batman go kart

Where does the Dark Knight get all those wonderful toys, who created the innovative Bat Plane and who was responsible for developing and building Batman’s Batmobile? In case you wanted to answer to the latter, you can check out T-Man’s amazing recreation of the Batmobile, but in miniature Go-Kart form, which somehow makes it even more attractive.

Just like the Dark Knight Smart Car, this is another smaller version of the Batmobile that makes me want to be such a Superhero (without the super powers…hmmm). It drives like a Go-Kart but looks just like a baby replica of the Batmobile which no one cany deny looks amazingly sweet and the envy of every fan of the movies.

In case you want to build one by yourself and go driving around the neighborhood as your own masked vigilante, saving women and children in Suburbia, TMan is selling the plans for such an amazing automobile. It may be worth it to check the plans and video below to see if you have found your true calling in life.

Tman’s Karts Via: Asylum Via: ComicAlliance