Rubik’s Cube Design for the Blind

cool rubik's cube design for blind

Now, even the blind would be able to take pleasure in solving the famous Rubik’s cube with the introduction of this material Rubik’s cube for the Blind from a designer’s portfolio. There have been many reports of people being able to solve the regular Rubik’s cube in a minute or so, but, these people were definitely able to see what they were doing, right? Make them do the same task behind their backs and see how they fail. This is where the sense of perfect touch – which blinds are famous for – comes in the scene.

texture rubik's cube game design

This material Rubik’s cube is a remake of the famous mind twister using six different materials for six different feel. The surface substances used are wood for the warm feel, metal for a cold touch, rubber that gives a soft sensation, plastic, which is hard to feel, stone which is tough and a textile surface for the “clothy” feel. The various touch sensations give a Braille effect to the puzzle enabling blind people to play the game with minimum effort and maximum brain storming.

This “mod” made by Zhiliang Chen, is not available for purchase, I guess, so, for buying this stuff you may have to contact the designer (although, selling this stuff will definitely get the creator some big moolah, what say?). Other fantastic Rubik’s Cube “mods”, or inspirations rather, are the Magnetic Rubik’s Cube, which is something worth a look and the Mirror Face Rubik’s Cube, which is nothing less than weird.