Post It Notes the Space Invaders Style

The new age P.D.A’s and the digital diaries have totally dominated the world when it comes to reminders, but there was an age when the handy, bright yellow colored sticky notes called Post-It would rule over the world of reminders. Unfortunately their era may have ended, but Blu Blog found an ingenious way to revive the Post-It Era, combining two of the iconic objects from the 80s and managed to come up with a really cool piece of Post-It and Space Invaders art.

space invaders post it notes design

As life would have it, some of the most iconic objects from our past rarely find any place in this modern life led by us. But some things from the past have to be revisited, in order for us to come up with some crazy new ideas. Our friend Blu Blog has definitely done his homework on this part. Coming up with something so innovative and creative is very cool indeed and should receive a lot of post it notes space invaders game

Another thing, the world will soon be full of these space invaders and we will have to start looking for an alternative planet, just look at the number of new things that keep coming up every day, for example they are taking over your Mini Coopers and of this doesn’t scare you let me tell you that they are taking over Video Game Watches as well, even worse; I am not able to write on anything except space invaders for the past few days.