The Coolest Pizza Cutters You Have Ever Seen!

There have been some Bizarre Gadgets and also Weird Kitchen Gadgets before, but we have come across some crazy looking but functional Pizza Cutters that are a combination of both and are too cool to be true, but really are.

Created by Frankie Flood, these Crazy and Custom Pizza Cutters have a whole artistic aura to them and would make Pizza lovers excited and non-pizza lovers wish they loved the cheesy pies. Better yet, each of these designs have their own respective names and look as if they were made in some machine shop as they make custom Choppers. Take a look at the collection and let us know your favorite one, and why.

Easy Rider Pizza Cutter

pizza cutter easy rider

Although named like the classic cult film Easy Rider, this Pizza Cutter is in a league of its own with the carved racing stripes, conservative colors and gear cutter to make sure each slice will be a clean cut.

Pizza For Life Cutter

cool pizza for life cutter

The Pizza For Life (pfl) could truly be a Pizza lover best gift, for it will stand out in your kitchen and will make cutting Pizza a true artistic form.

Phatboy Pizza Cutter

cool pizza cutter phatboy

A true masterpiece in itself, this is a cool looking Pizza cutter that seems too good to be true. With its sharp edges and beautiful design, it could make Chopper riding Dads excited, and Moms a little afraid to try it.

Psycho Pizza Cutter

psycho pizza cutter

We aren’t sure why the name Psycho is attributed to this one specifically, but it does seem like it could be used as a modern weapon of some sort. But please remember, it is to cut Pizza pies, not Pizza the Hut.

Mantis Pizza Cutter

pizza cutter for life mantis ray

Also within the Pizza For Life category, this one may be a little more unique than the rest with the ridges on the handle as if in some machine shop toolbox. Also, with the bright red color, it just looks too damn cool.

Gold Knuckle Pizza Cutter

pizza cutter gold knuckle

This Pizza cutter looks as if was combined with some designer brass knuckles and allow us to wear them without the violence. Unless you consider Pizza cutting a violent act.

Stinger Series Pizza Cutters

cool pizza cutter blue stingray

These are amazingly designed Pizza cutters with a little sting to them. While being sharp enough to cut the slices clean, a chef would have to be careful not to be stung back.

stingray series pizza cutter

High Boy Pizza Cutter

new pizza cutter high boy

Looking a little like a combination of a Medieval and Hi Tech Medical tool, this Pizza cutter seems a little too scary too use, but I am sure some would love the odd design too much to pass up.

Motorcycle Chopper Pizza Cutter

motorcycle chopper pizza cutter

Although all have the resemblance of motorcycles, this one simply stands out most as if it is made for the Chopper riding Dad.

Frankie Flood Via: Neatorama