Chewbacca Super-Deformed Action Figure For Star Wars Fan

star wars chewbacca action figureFor all you Star Wars fans and Han Solo folks out there, welcome the Chewbacca Funko Force action figure that sits on your desktop table to protect you from any “crashes”, which you may undergo. This super deformed action figure cum bobble head sports articulated arms so that you can pose the galaxy’s favorite Wookie as you desire. Armed with a Wookie rifle, this friend of yours ensures that no one dares to come close to your personal belongings and mess with them, what say you?

The product comes shipped in an attractive display package and is available for a price of $10.99, which I think is quite cheap for some quality stuff and for which you can bring this wookie with a grin, home and expand your collection of other funky Star Wars stuffs, which, I guess, must definitely include some cool Darth Vader merchandise and other such wacky bobble heads.