Walt Disney Empire Buys Marvel Entertainment for a Reported $4 Billion

marvel comics superheroes walt disney

The enormous Walt Disney Empire has decided to move in the superhero direction and get Marvel Entertainment as part of their franchise with a huge purchase standing at $4 Billion. This new purchase will provide Disney another avenue to present the fictional world children (and adults) love within their movies, TV shows and even theme parks.

Mickey Mouse will not stand alone entertaining kids, as Iron Man, X-Men, and the rest of the Marvel Comics characters will now be presented by the Disney that has become ever so popular over the years.

Many Marvel fans may be a little fearful that their favorite superheroes will be changed or amended to fit the childish Disney themes, but as MTV mentioned, there doesn’t seem to be a prospective change to take place. It looks as if Disney is aware of the ramifications of such things and simply want a large piece of the successful Marvel Comics pie we continue to see grow larger with each Blockbuster movie Summer.

Well, it seems that the anticipated Wolverine 2 will probably be a Disney produced movie, so those fans can hope for the best. At least we know a majorly financed studio is still backing the Marvel superheroes we grew up on.

What do you think of the buy out? Will this enhance the Marvel comics franchise we love or hurt it?

Via: Guardian and MTV