Affordable iFrogz Noise Isolating Earphones and Mic for iPhone Owners

red iphone 3gs earphones and mic

With so many different iPhone accessories alone, it is great to see some reasonably priced and efficient noise canceling isolating earphones for the iPhone owners that also include a practical mic. This set of EarPollution Plugz with Mic from iFrogz are a few of the many alternatives they provide hip and trendy music lovers that are also geeky.

The earphone set is compact and practical as we would hope from good iPhone accessories and also come in a variety of different colors: Black, Silver, Pink, Orange, Light Blue, Green and Red. Running for only $19.99, they can come across as some of the most affordable iPhone earphones set we seen that grant the noise canceling isolating features us introverted iPhone lovers could hope for. In addition, they are also compatible with Blackberry smartphones.

If you like the features but are looking for something a little more heavy duty, then check out the other selections from iFrogz, such as the DJ Headphones and also the Custom iPhone 3G Headphones that can be made as your fashion style wishes.