Weird Teddy Bear USB Flash Drive

teddy bear usb flash drive

I have come across many weird and geeky flash drive designs like the USB flash drive tie and the finger USB flash drive, which is quite sickening, but, I must admit that this teddy bear like USB Flash Drive design surely takes the crown. I know, that you are thinking that how in this world could a person think that a cute teddy bear is weird, right? But, take off the head of this cutie (rip it off, in my lingo) and see what awaits you there; yes, a functional USB flash drive.

funny usb flash drive teddy bear

Now, begins the weird part of the act; simply plug the memory stick in your USB post and relish the gross scene right in front of you wherein, the scene looks as if the teddy bear got its neck stuck in the computer, he he!. Function wise, this gadget has nothing to brag about, it is nothing but a flash drive that also supports USB2.0 interface, but, looks wise, this is definitely in my favor. Well, so far there has been no note on the pricing and selling of this stuff; till then, you can take a look at all the weird and geeky USB gadgets and funky Flash Drives that have been published by us in the recent past.

Via: Kaboodle