G.I Joe Mighty Muggs Vinyl Figures

gi joe vinyl figures mighty muggs

A long, long time ago when we all used to be really young G.I Joe was something that the coolest kids would have, and if you did not have enough number of those action figures you might have as well had your face buried in mud. If you belonged to this generation, you would know how cool those military figures really were.

With that in mind, we came across these G.I. Joe Mighty Muggs Vinyl Figures set for only $36.30 which look amazingly cool and the action figures come in different characters too and not just the usual US soldiers. G.I Joe branded Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes, Destro and Baroness would be enough to regale you with all your video gaming and comic memories, and thus would help you get over the fact that childhood is over, and so are the innocent days when G.I Joe action figures were almost everything in life.

star wars joker squadron

There are also Star Wars Joker Squad Action Figures set that runs for only $26.99 which look pretty cool with all the white uniforms and automatic weapons. In order to make you feel you belong to the 21st century and not 1980s, there are also some amazing Bella Action figures from the Twilight movie fame. Of course, we cannot forget the Dexter Action figures in which he looks his usual psychopathic self.

dexter action figures

There is something totally cool about these branded and chic toys that make any discerning buyer to really desire buying them. Talking about buying, most of these action figures are getting sold out so if you want yours, you might have to hurry up. If you are specifically looking for G.I Joe stuff, you could check out these amazing Giant GI Joe Stickers. You cannot either miss out on this GI Joe Collector’s Set.