Black Hole Cellphone Concept Has Form With Function

black hole cellphone design

At times when you boasted about the features of your brand new phone, you well knew that the virtual keypad of your phone actually sucks for the interface being cranky with either the screen being too small or the keypad being quite miniature, right? It is at such times that the functionality of the Black Hole phone comes to use.

cool cellphone design black hole concept

The high-end phone, that’s in beautiful black in color, sports a wheel like most mp3 players and also boasts of a large touch screen. The wheel is actually able to morph itself into different keysets as per the function that is being used and it can also transform itself into a small screen that can be read quite clearly. When you wanna message some text, then, you gotta flip your phone upside down so that the screen now comes below the wheel. As soon as it is done, the motion sensing technology or the accelerometer of the beauty gets activated, changing the wheel into a screen and the large touch sensitive display into a huge keypad that’s comfortable for even the puffiest fingers.

new cellphone concept design black hole

Designed to have capabilities like most phones that are available in the market, I don’t think we will be able to hear about such stuff anytime soon just like the collection of Futuristic Cellphones, so in the meantime we still have the iPhone 3GS, which is quite the perfect phone for geeks like us out there, what say?

Via: YankoDesigns