Download the New PS3 Firmware Update Version 3.00

As we mentioned last week, Sony has been working on a new PS3 Firmware Update version 3.00 that aims to focus and enhance on the navigational features and now this update has gone live.

Right with the official release of the new PS3 Slim, you can now download the new PS3 Firmware Update V3.00 at their official site or better yet, through the Playstation Network, and enjoy the new features, stay updated with the newest additions and be right on the ball when it comes to Playstation 3 news.

The new Firmware Update 3.00 focus on the following features:
– What’s New Section for updated news and features
– Indicator Icon to keep you in line with what is going on with your friends.
– Friend’s List enhancement
– Playstation Store Shortcuts
– PS3 Personalization
– PS3 Trophies Showcase, and more…

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