Tetris Sugar Game is the Sweetest Game Of All Time

Tetris is now officially declared the sweetest game of the century, and if you wonder why, well apparently the board of directors were totally overwhelmed on the following sugar cube art pictures and decided that they would bestow this honor upon this cool classic that has taken over the world by it’s sweetness.

tetris game sugar cube art

It is now very evident that no other game can be more sweeter than this, considering the fact that only Tetris can be actually replicated to it’s true form by actually using sugar crystals. The work of “Dead Alive Romantic”, this piece of extreme frenzy over the game seems to be the outcome of extreme boredom over the coffee table. Tetris seems to have been on the minds of all gamers since their childhood and then it reappears in the form of these cool gaming art pieces. I remember my father, a Pastor always telling me not to get hooked to the game to the level of craziness, the obvious outcome of doing so would probably be one such crazy creation.

cool sugar cube art of tetris

Anyways, we should also not forget other cool artists who have well contributed to the world of Tetris, like this cool dude who got himself a Tetris Haircut or the Tetris Gaming Cushions that really make our life Tetri-Fied!. So folks have fun and turn this world into a big Tetris Game, a symbol of dominance to the Space Invaders (I actually meant Aliens).

sweet tetris sugar cube