Free PS3 Dynamic Theme: Afrika Animated PS3 Theme Video

free ps3 dynamic theme afrika

The new PS3 Firmware Update 3.00 was released today, which focuses on navigational features and includes dynamic PS3 theme ability, and if you are trying to save some money and want to get your hands on the first free animated PS3 Theme called Afrika, here is your chance.

The new PS3 Dynamic theme is available as a free download at the Japanese Playstation Store for account holders. If this has just bummed you out, do not worry, you can view the instruction to open a Japanese account here and be on your way to get Afrika on your Playstation 3.

free ps3 animated theme afrika

For those that still haven’t got a PS3 game console, you can take a look at the new PS3 Slim and be on your way to complete bliss with the slimmer and lighter Playstation 3 that also includes a 120 GB hardrive.

When you run across additional Free PS3 Dynamic Themes, please be sure to share them within the comments or email us at [email protected], so we could share it with the rest of the PS3 fans.

Update: Free PS3 Dynamic Theme Wipeout now available as well!

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34 thoughts on “Free PS3 Dynamic Theme: Afrika Animated PS3 Theme Video

  1. alex.

    i cant find the dynamic theme on the japan page, only a basic theme. i did find an africa theme on japan that could be the dynamic one but it wasnt free, it was 100yen. i used the link a few posts above that said you can sign up to the forum and download the theme, but yet again its not the dynamic theme. anyone know where i can get the dynamic theme?

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  4. Adrian.

    That theme looks really good…now that’s what I call a theme! I am actually quite tempted to inquire a little further on prices, that’s if I can bring myself to part with my xbox360!
    Thanks you may yet win me over Sony.

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