Rorschach Inspired iPhone Case for the Watchmen Fans Out There

cool rorschach watchmen iphone case

Watchmen fans and specifically those who are inspired by the likes of the character of Rorschach would just love this simple yet inspiring iPhone case.

This is a cool way to have your iPhone watched and protected and still preserve a good looking iPhone case that is both unique and well made. The Rorschach inkblot look is not sewen on or glued but actually felted, as to preserve its quality and maintain the design.

The fans of the popular Watchmen comics could see this Watchmen iPhone case as a great way to own a Watchmen accessory and not give in to a mass marketed case or trendy creation as with the creative Lego Nite Owlship and the funny Watchmen Bearbrick Toy.

The case created by Antjes costs only  $35 and could also be made with a custom Rorschach design you request.

Thank you Jesse for the info!