An iPhone Sleeve that looks like the iPhone!

iphone design iphone sleeve

I have come across many cool iPhone cases and sleeve designs, the likes of which include the Bacon and egg iPhone sleeve, which looks damn tasty and the Playstation themed iPhone Case, which is altogether quite cool. But, have you ever thought about an iPhone sleeve that looks like an iPhone itself? I guess your answer is no.

iphone icons iphone sleeve

This cool concept that has been designed and made in made practical by astroot’s girlfriend is pretty innovative in my sense. This sleeve here shows the menu screen of the iPhone and I must admit, it is quite an exact copy of what you get in a real iPhone. This, as per astroot, is the second piece of art by his lady luck and this time, he says, it looks brilliant. And this case is quite special for the user, because, on his request, his girl also added the nine inch nails app icon which gave the whole thing a personal sign.

All in all, I must admit that this sleeve is pretty cool and dude, if you go on to sell this product, I am sure you will get a considerable number of bids.