Cool Pacman Car Design is Called a Fat Boy

funny pacman car design

If you ever wanted Pacman to move a little faster and get away from the awful ghosts, your wish has come true with this awesome Pacman Car that seems like a rather cosy place for geeky drivers.

With a license plate of “Fat Boy”, this Pacman car by JonRawlinson appeared in the Red Bull Soapbox competition in Vancouver in 2008. I am not sure what position it got, and whether someone has even attempted to get Pinky to join the race and not just stay as a mascot in the back, but it is a great life size replica of Mr. Pacman.

This could definitely be a dream come true for some 80’s geeks who grew up on Pacman and have only dreamed of playing the game in newer consoles. One major question comes to mind…with his mouth remaining open at all times, wouldn’t it just slow him down?

If this seems too real and you cannot see yourself driving Pacman around the track, then check out the other ways he invaded reality such as the Pacman Guitar, huge Pacman Hat and also the amazing Pacman Motorcycxle Helmet.

Via: UniqueDaily