The Iron Man Rocket Blast Toy Figure

iron man rocket blast toy

The superhero in the hot rod red and gold is back in a new avatar, albeit without his feet loaded jetpack, with the Iron Man toy which is the perfect addition to your display case that houses a dozen other superhero characters. Its primary USP is the ability of flight, which is enabled by an air-powered rocket; however, there are some key differences from the character’s comic book personality. A cushiony foam exterior replaces the titanium armor, though the detailing has been replicated quite brilliantly. Moreover, supersonic speeds are a little too far-fetched for a toy, so you will have to settle only with a short 40 feet dart and a twist back to ground zero.

The Iron Man toy requires no batteries and uses the force generated by a pump to fly, as the glider brings it back to the ground. To launch it, you need to fix it to the launch pad and employ the pump to create some force. Depress the launch button once this is done to send it soaring into the sky.

It costs only $24.99 and along with the Iron Man USB Flash Drive or the Iron Man Collectible Bust would make Marvel fans excited as heck.

Via: Entertainmentearth