Old School Phone Designs Remind Us of the Good ‘Ol days

cool old school phone designs

If you thought that the good old days when technology was not this advanced and communication wasn’t the way it is today were no more, then, rejoice, because, these two phone designs presented here by Mintpass remind us of those days. The two phones named Mint phone #1 and Mint Phone two #2 sport bodies that looks like it dates back to about three decades ago.

The Mint Phone #1 reminds us of the “analog” phones that we made up of paper cups and threads. Unlike the original paper cup phones, this design here is not analog, but, digital. The phone consists of a holder and a “paper cup”; the holder sports a keypad and a button to end call. The receiver has a button which must be pressed before you speak in to it, reminding us of the walkie talkie action of the paper phones. Although, a bit inconvenient, this phone doesn’t fail to attract stares. Just one piece of caution, though; never pour water in the cup, it is electrical and can be a potential harm.

retro wireless phone design

The Mint Phone #2 seems to be from recent past and sports the design that vintage phones from Korea telecom used to have. But, unlike its old era counter part, this design here is two dimensional and quite high-end in functionality. The receiver of this gizmo is cordless and the phone doesn’t have a wheel dial, instead it has a sophisticated keypad. With no note on pricing and availability of this stuff, I don’t think we will be able to lay our hands upon one such phone anywhere in the near future.