Xbox 720 Game Console Conceptual Design

xbox 720 game console design

People already love the Xbox 360, and we could also see a huge design improvement from the original Xbox, but what should the next generation Xbox 720 console look like?

According to Tai Chiem, the Xbox doesn’t necessarily have to look practical but rather it needs to look as if it came from the future. His take on the Xbox 720 gaming console is to make it look like a spaceship we have seen in SciFi films as we grew up, with a skeletonized frame and acrylic cover.

He went on to make sure Microsoft’s branding would be apparent all around, so no one will confuse it with any other console. It definitely looks cool, but does it really look like it could catch on? It seems to much like a fashion item and not a game console, let alone Xbox. Also, how would you manage to carry it from place to place, will you pass it around like a football?

xbox 720 gaming console design

One major advantage in this Xbox design is the lack (or removal) of the Red Ring of Death. Does this mean that Microsoft will actually provide a console that will work as promised, or will the entire cover turn red and strike fear in Xbox fans?

If you would rather see designs of true and functional Xbox consoles, check out the Steampunk Xbox 360 mod, the Hellboy Xbox 360 or even an Xbox 360 Mod with LCD Screen to provide a sort of portable gaming experience.

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16 thoughts on “Xbox 720 Game Console Conceptual Design

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  3. brandon.

    ok this looks ballin and screw playstation they suck im all for the xbox and they should redo the graphic design for all the halos for this new xbox but they should mess with any of the campaigns just fix the graphics because if they did that id play halo 1 more then i do right now which is alot but i get tired of those graphics but halo one had the best campaign and odst wow sucked campaign wise but firefight was a smart idea and me on xbox live XxbrandonxX69

  4. potter.

    some of u guys are just retarded first off the style is bad ass and secondly some of u just need to stop arguements and do some research ok microsoft as been out since what 1998 and the company has about ten times more money than this sony company for pstations one of the richest men alive makes xbox and their for puts more money into it and has a better product not to mention sony was ran by a bunch of chineese japaneese koreans and every other country that cant get right like us so do ur research next time little pstation loves instead of makin an immature statement of yeah ps3 is way better bc its black and it has cords and a plug and i think it works

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  7. Freddy Fingers.

    Really? This look like crap, these things have to look asthetically pleasing to the majority of the people out there and look proper as part of a home entertainment system or by itself in some kids dorm. This abomination look like something you would play with in the front yard or better yet something you would shoot in halo to get extra points

  8. james.

    hey I agree with daniel here about the ps3 that’s a pos. if you haven’t realized its going to have more memory than the elite most likely which still has more memory than a ps3. and if they decide to put a memory slot anywhere it would be on the controller and they would probably do somethi g cool like use SD cards for it

  9. Daniel.

    I love the hell outta this new version. It does not look like a ufo. Dont worry about the memory dude. Its microsoft, the best damn thing around. And you, Jerry, screw you. The xbox series is way better than your little piece of crap playstation.



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