Nixie Tube Clock in a Bottle is A Timely Innovation!

nixie tube clock bottle design

If the monotony of ticking hands has driven you towards more radical alternatives, look no further, for the Nixie tube clock doesn’t just perk up your table or your display case but also gives your eyes something refreshing for a change. Of course, this isn’t a new concept in itself, but for the fact that aesthetics has been delectably intertwined with avant garde functionality, we give it a big thumbs up. The bottled Nixie tubes clock has the cathodes and anodes, but doesn’t give you the impression that you are staring into the picture tube of an old television.

The digits of the Nixie tube clock emanate a gentle red glow, making sure you don’t get eyesores. It is a fine piece of art as such, since the entire clock has been built inside a glass bottle. Although the circuit and the electronics are welded to the exterior, the assembly is purely inside. We have seen glass art in the past, but an electronic clock inside a glass bottle is a rarity for sure. If the idea of owning a Nixie clock hasn’t fascinated you enough, the intricate handiwork will certainly clinch it for the creators.

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nixie tube clock in a bottle

Source: Hackaday