Rubik’s Cube Salt And Pepper Grinders Are Puzzling

rubik's cube salt and pepper shakers

Let us now swear an oath of truth, how many of you who are reading this post have actually been successful in solving the Rubik’s Cube without any outside help or removing the stickers? I bet that half of you all reading this post right now might have never tasted success in this field, I took around five years for me to first taste success, and as we are talking about Taste, here is one Rubik’s Cube at which even the dumbest of all might be able to taste success at the very first go. The Rubik’s Salt and Pepper Grinders.

cool rubik's cube salt and pepper shakers

These puzzling pieces of fun, until the recent times were rarely ever seen in the kitchen let alone on top of the Dining Table, there would be instances when one could find one of these on the Table but it could then attract some serious scoldings from our parents and seniors. This cool new form of the classic Rubik’s Cube has now made it possible to take it to the kitchen and beyond- to the dining table. Measuring around 5.7 cm in dimensions, this piece of fun can hold up-to 185 cubic cm of salt or pepper.

rubik's cube pepper mill

Each is built around a high quality ceramic grinding mill and in order to operate it, one needs to rotate the top layer of the cube. Having the same feel as the original Rubik’s cube, this new form is only $14.99 at and is sure to teach some Moms how to solve the cube even before their children can do so. You can also check out these cool Salt And Pepper Shakers Maracas or the Tetris Salt and Pepper Shakers that need to go with the Grinders.

rubik's cube salt mill