Mac Vs. PC Chessboard Game Design

chmac vs pc chessboard game design

So what happens when the world’s biggest Tech-giants, Mac and PC, compete each other, tossing class-apart stuff, each one of them trying to supersede each other? The end result is a lot of media speculation and yes, top-notch cool gadgets. The story of Microsoft and Apple needs no introduction, and a budding designer, Adam Frederick, thought of bringing the long-fought competition to the chessboard arena.

Adam has used used SolidWorks to design the Mac Vs PC chessboard. In my opinion, the designer had been a little biased by choosing the Apple Logo over Windows for the chessboard, even when the square structure would have been much more befitting. No points for guessing what the pieces would be like. From the image I can see Zune, Xbox, notebooks and desktops lined up, all geared up for a thrashing competition. If any toy company takes up this design seriously, we can expect this tech-chessboard to hit the retail shelves soon. I am wondering what it would be like if someone can convince both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to actually confront each other in game of chess with this one.

Since the rivalry could usually raise a heated discussion, here are some funny ways to relax with the Steve Jobs Vs. Bill Gates Fight and also the South Park Mac, PC and Linux discussion.