Funny Baby Rocking Ubuntu Linux Script Makes Parenting Geeky

funny baby rocker linux script

I have heard that parenting could be a joy and a headache simultaneously, but thanks to Ubuntu Linux, some tasks could be made a little easier…and funny, similar to the Auto Rocking Baby Crib.

funny linux script baby rocker

Lior Kaplan has used an Ubuntu script and his computer to make his CD ROM open and close continuously while tied to the baby rocker, in order to rock the baby to sleep. The video is pretty funny and really makes you think whether geeks could have an easier time raising kids.

It is apparent that it isn’t a real baby in the rocker, so you do not need to lose a breathe and fear for the baby’s health and call the social services. In the end, it is a funny video that is innovative, simple and highly beneficial.

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Thank you Gabbi for the info!