The Blocco Lamp Radiates From Within


The Blocco lamp gives you a whole new perspective about the nature of light, as it emanates light not from the surface, as we have always known, but from its core, and the subsequent effect is ethereal. It is perhaps the best example of how a simple concept can be transformed into something spectacular and eyeball capturing. For those of you who wish to impress your guests or give your drawing room a facelift, the glowing lamp is a perfect display item. The best part is that the Blocco lamp has been designed so immaculately that even when it is unlit, it can draw appreciation.


The Blocco lamp uses warm white LED’s lined up along its interior, which lends it a soft internal glow. It measures 5.7 inches in width and about 8 inches in height. It can be used in different configurations, either on the desktop or integrated into a wall-mounted enclosure. Priced at $249, the Blocco lamp comes in two colors – black and white.


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