Cool Pacman Business Cards Holder for the Geeky Businessman

pacman arcade game business card holder

There are plenty of Pacman accessories and gadgets, but are any as fun as this Business Card holder that is perfect for entreprenurial Geeks?

This beautiful holder sports the ever so popular Pacman game screen on its front and back in two different versions. One is a cut-off screen and the other really resembles the old sit down flat screen Pacman arcade game we remember from so long ago.

Besides being a great Pacman gift for your geeky friends, it is a definite retro styled Business card holder which could come in handy for the executives that cannot let go of their habits while in the office. It runs for $31 and would help a gamer hand out business card in style.

pacman game business card holder

Product Via: GeekyGadgets Via: Akihabara News