New Headbang Hero Video Game Coming to a Town Near You

headbang hero video game

So everyone is already familiar with Guitar Hero, Rock Band and the rest of the trendy games, but for the heavy metal rockers there is Headbang Hero that provides a completely different playing field.

Just like it sounds, Headbang Hero is a video game to test your Hedbanging ability, style and effect while still maintaining a healthy status. This means that the game is divided into two areas: one is the Headbanging part, where you show your ability and choreography in order to score good points and beat the levels. The second part is making sure you are not actually causing yourself harm while trying to be the best Hedbanger in the world.

Headbanger Hero is played using a special wig that feeds motion data to the game software, thus both seeing your rocking style and analyzing whether your health is affected. In order to succeed in the game, one must remain healthy as they move up in the Heavy Metal arena.

You can view the cool videos below for a cool prototype demonstration and actual game demo of Headbang Hero, and more information can be found at their Official Site.

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