New iTunes 9 Download Offers Great New Features

itunes 9 iphone download

For those that still don’t know, the new Apple iTune 9 is available for download and it consists of some new features that are worth checking out for any media fan, with or without the iPhone. For iPhone and iPod Touch owners, check out iPhone OS 3.1, which works with some of the new iTunes features.

Note: if your iPhone is jailbroken, you should hold off on upgrading the iPhone OS or iTunes until a crack is released.

Update: New iTunes 9.01 Update is now Available.

When installing the new iTunes 9, an intro video also loads, which helps to get you started and explains the features, but this sometimes takes more than a few moments, so some basic features overview is given here for all.

iTunes New Design

As can be expected from any new product, software or Apple release, the design has been changed, and with design, Apple usually could be trusted.

The new iTunes 9 has made some minor visual changes and majorly changed the Apple store. Moreover, more features and options were added to the browser window, so you can find it easier to sort through your libraries of music and video.

iTunes Genius Mixes

The Genius iTunes 9 Feature can be updated through the Apple iTunes store and makes it easy to create playlists. Simply put, the mix will use songs of a similar genre and put them together in a cool playlist, using a song choice of your own to start the mix.

By the way, the Genius feature is also working for iPhone apps, so one could get recommendations of other Apps that may make you happy by seeing the ones you use.


iTunes 9 and Social Media

iTunes has now added the ability to share a message in Facebook or Twitter of your favorite songs, albums or musicians. This new iTunes feature seems pretty simple to understand, and I am sure many will use it as quickly as they download iTunes 9.

iPhone and iPod iTunes Organization

Apple iTunes9  now allows iPhone and iPod users to use their iTunes for rearrangement of different apps. Along with the iPhone OS 3.1, this makes for a great addition to iPhone and iPod Touch owners.

Home Sharing and Syncs

iTunes 9 provides the ability to share your media between 5 computers that share the same network. In addition, you could also download songs from another library if the user enters his/her information. This cool iTunes feature simply creates an easier way to have your music synced between computers, but I am sure many will simply find it as an easier way to share media.

High Efficiency Song Ripping

High Efficiency ripping is now offered in iTunes, allowing ripping of music in high quality which takes up little space. In order to enable the High Efficiency feature, go to the iTunes settings, then “General”, then select “import settings”. In the AAC area, choose “custom” and finally select “use high efficiency encoding (HE).”

iTunes LP

For major music enthusiasts, the new iTunes LP could be a blessing in disguise, by granting many additional media content for many albums. Such additional rich content includes behind the scenes videos for specific bands, few movies, band inlays and many more extras that music fans love to check out.

iTunes U

The education are of the iTunes store is getting a little more spotlight, encouraging iTunes users to check out some podcasts, lectures and more educational findings.

To Download iTunes 9, see more images and find more information, check out Apple’s iTunes Official Site.