The Wiz MAME Gaming Emulator Grants great Gaming

wiz mame gaming emulator

If you are The Geek or have several geeky friends who are completely into new gadgets then this one is for you and for them, for the best of the gaming gadgets are Game Emulators and right now the GP2X Wiz MAME/Amiga/Console Emulator tops the list.

An essay on the new gadget with its intricate product features and detailed specifications are available, and it can also be purchased for $179.99 as well at But I am sure you will be convinced once you know that this emulator lets you load all the games you want and conforms with any kind of high tech games including vector games. This pocket gaming system can emulate a range of games including arcade games, flash games, old computer games, and retro gaming consoles. It comes with a high tech LCD touch screen and a removable stylus and the ARM9 533MHz  800Mhz Processor which gives you plenty of time to spend in gaming and enough power.

amiga mame gaming emulator

You can check out the video of the Wiz in action…

The Wiz lacks any software which is probably the only drawback, but then again if people who want all the software personalized and other options of specifications which suits their own need then they would want it this way, raw, if I may call it. Instead of this new gadget if you are looking for something more old school, take a look at this Pacman Arcade.