Awesome Toaster and Alarm Clock Designs Inspired By Lego

cool yellow lego toaster

Lego building blocks have inspired many a designs but probably this is the first time a designer has designed home products inspired by Lego, and Jamyle Savaris has come up with awesome Toasters and Alarm clocks designs which look like Lego creations and are extremely trendy and colorful.

red lego toaster

Young designers are thinking out of box and coming up with innovative stuff. Probably the memories of Lego building days are still fresh in designer’s mind. These Red, Yellow Toasters and Blue, Green alarm clocks designs are quite unique concept. These GOle family products are ideal for geek homes, as only geeks would want an alarm clock which releases aroma of coffee when it rings or a toaster with horizontal tray which looks more like a functional Lego creation.

green lego alarm clock

There is no information about whether these products are available commercially, and they seem to be remain just a design concept as of now. Surely many manufacturers will be interested to make these products and they will sell well in the markets, as modern geeks seek out such unique innovative home products.

purple lego alarm clock

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