Awesome Pacman Game Chair Design Will Make Gamers Fight for a Seat

pacman game chair

When gamers are ready to play and do some battles, many times they want to have a specific seat, and with this amazing Pacman Chair, it seems a lot of fighting will be away from the game screen.

The Pacman Chair design itself bring Pacman to life and seems like a perfect place to meditate and think how to beat the next level’s boss. Its bright yellow color cannot be avoided when stepping into a room, and the smile simply invites you to seat inside.

pacman game seat

I am sure some children will be afraid Pacman will eat them up and would rather stay away, but gamers would love to seat comfortably inside preparing the right method to beat any game’s difficult bosses.

So no one fights over this one design, you may have a look at other Pacman furniture such as the Pacman Game Sofa, the Pacman Game Stools and the Pacman Coffee Table.

Via: Gizmodiva Via: Behance