Adobe File Extension Necklaces are too Cool!

adobe photoshop file extension necklace

The world is going geek, and I guess and that is quite clear with what we have over here – geeky necklace that have file extension formats as their lockets which are looking quite fashionable. Yes, even the poor formats – that only computer nerds care to look at – have been classified as stuff for geeks.

adobe illustrator file extension necklace

The Adobe CS3 extensions available from Quite Lovable are “.psd”, which is the default format for Adobe Photoshop, “.fla”, which is the default file format for Adobe Flash and “.ai”, which is the default file format for Adobe Illustrator. The wood made pendants are hand painted in acrylic colors and put in steel necklaces which altogether give this necklace a cool feel. In my opinion, this whole set of three necklaces is a treasure for all the graphic nerds out there.

adobe flash file extension necklace

Each piece is up on hands separately for a price of $28, which isn’t dirt cheap, but still, you don’t get fancy items as such at the shop round the corner of your house, do you? Other cool Adobe created items that shouldn’t be missed are the awesome Adobe CS3 Icons Coasters and the Adobe Creative Suite 3 Pillows.