The Cool 1259 C Version Watches from Japan

cool watch design led

Even if time travel is still an idea we have been playing with in the past and will be playing with in the future, whichever age we may be in, we would always need to know the time of the day, and so these futuristic 12-5-9 C version watches which are priced at $94.50 at Japan’s Tokyoflash store are definitely worth a buy.

led watch design tokyoflash

The 12-5-9 C version watches are a classic design by the twelve 5 9 studio and come gunmetal combined with LED and amazingly chic leather straps finishing.  As with most LED watches the buttons light up the watch and show the time. These watches have an interesting way to show time, the twelve small LED bars on the left show the twelve hours of the day, the five small LED bars on the bottom show the minutes, each bar representing a group of 10 minutes and the nine small LED bars on the right indicate the single minutes 1-9. As for the indication for seconds, during time travel I am sure we are bound to miss a couple of seconds, so they have been conveniently omitted in these watches.

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