PSP System Software Update Version 6.00 Released

psp firmware system update version 600

As much as the main attraction is usually the PS3 Firmware Update or the new PS3 Slim, for those that own a PSP, a new Firmware Update Version 6.00 is available through the XMB.

There aren’t too many changes to the previous PSP firmware but some Playstation Portable gamers always want the newest update, all the fixes, all the features and especially if it is free.

PSP Firmware Update V. 600 includes the following:

– a few colors were added to custom your XMB, which can be found under Theme Settings.
– A new security patch was included in Version 6.00
– System Update is the new name for Network Update
– PSP may be updated without having to have a full charge…what an overdue relief.
– Games can be regrouped and presented in folders based on expiration date…does this mean that game rentals are going to be added?

There aren’t real exciting additions in this current PSP System Update, but then again, Sony has been known to continually release new updates frequently, so maybe something a little more inspiring will be out in the near future.

Via: SlashGear and Playstation Lifestyle