Legendary Full Size Arcade Gaming Console

This post sure did bring back those good old memories for me, the times when my friends and I would hang out in those gaming arcades all day long playing all the classic games like Space Invaders, Original Pacman Arcade etc. This new Arcade Gaming Console is the real deal (unlike most of the 70% size replicas), it comes complete with a crisp Wells Gardner classic 25″ CRT monitor and all the flash and flare of old school gaming.

old school video game arcade

The console has a retro feel to it, since it is fashioned in the original style it has all the controls and specifications of those good old arcade consoles. Produced in the U.S under the corporate giant Chicago Gaming Company (known for arcade gaming since over 30 years), this is probably the best arcade console that can be brought now-a-days. It has two joysticks, a 3″ track ball, multiple buttons and the cool feeling of classic one-on-one gaming challenge embedded into the heart of the console.

full size video game arcade

The other features include a whole set of all your favorite retro games that cover games like Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command, Tempest, Battlezone, Millipede, Super Breakout, Ghosts ‘n Goblins and Street Fighter II; In all there are a 100 games to choose from. This console is custom made and sells for a steep price of $3700, which I guess might be a small price for any true fan and collector. The best part of the whole console is that one need not keep feeding it with a Quarter every now and then, or await one’s turn in a long queue.

If you are interested in something smaller (with less games), check out the Steampunk Pacman Arcade creation that is too cute to resist.