Laptop cake is Geekilicious!

If you are a geek at heart and at the same time love cakes, you would be awed by this cool cake that looks like and resembles any other laptop computer that you may see your College mates carrying around on campus, only this time, it is edible.

geeky laptop cake

This image from SmallThingsIced, shows the laptop cake with a USB mouse and an iPod, which is connected for recharging, and maybe, some song transfers. But guess what? Even the accessories i.e. the mouse and the iPod have been iced, thus, giving the whole thing an all together authentic feel to it, what say? The whole laptop, including the docking wires, is edible except for one thing; the screen of the notebook is made up of cardboard.

For those of you who are quite choosy about the flavor of the masterpiece, this metallic silver cake is chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream layer at the base. And to prove the dedication of the baker of this cake, she put each key of the keyboard separately so that the finishing would be more realistic. All in all, I admire the patience and the devotion put forth by the baker of this cake and I may advice her to start a bakery (if she hasn’t already) and make a good living using her gift.

Other geeky and edible art that you may want to take a look at are iPhone cake and Geeky Pacman Cake, both of which, I guess, are to yummy to resist.