Wall-E Felt iPhone Case Is Too Cute To Resist

We probably have enough of iPhone cases in the market that try and make their statement on our iPhones/iPods, but believe me there rarely ever comes any iCase that might be so cute that you could hardly resist it. The cutest robot in the galaxy, Wall-E, has fallen in love once again, this time with all the i-Gadgets on our planet. Wall-E is here in the midst of us as a felt case and he looks no less cute than the last time you saw it.

cool wall-e iphone case

Completely hand made from the softest felt in the galaxy by L´atelier de Luluu, Wall-E ensures that all our iGadgets stay protected from all the scratches and other external harm. He makes it a point to keep the iStuff safe and secure right in his heart, a place full of love and care. Measuring 15.5 cm X 9 cm, there is enough space in Wall-E’s heart to fit any iPhone or iPod or any other phone.

new wall-e iphone case

Wall-E is sure to make it’s owners feel at ease while he protects their iStuff from harm, even though it may tear him apart. The felt case sells for $43.50, as most of the other Wall-E items this too is a little bit costly, but that is due to the fact that most Wall-E items are very rare and are hardly produced in large numbers. This also adds to the charm of our littler friend.

cool iphone case wall-e design

If you cant get enough of the Wall-E merchandise, then why not try your hand at this limited edition Wall-E USB Drive, or maybe the Wall-E Cake might be able to satisfy your hunger. So go ahead and give our love-struck friend a little support.

new iphone case wall-e animation