Hexagon BitTorrent Launches a Social Community Site

hexagon torrent community

Hexagon was recently launched, creating a social community for BitTorrent downloads where users may create public and private groups, discuss content and moderate details and information.

The makers of Isohunt have decided to create Hexagon in order to get users who share content to have more moderation and a better way to interact with others like them. The new Hexagon grants users the ability to also embed Youtube and Blip content, and categorizes content by available web recommendation of Freebase. The latter aims towards semantic web results, thus both allowing Internet users to find what they are looking and eventually be a ground for recommendations from other web services.

Unlike regular Tottent sites, Hexagon grants users the ability to create groups as they deem to, and make them open to the public or by invite only, granting users the freedom to select who they share specific content with. Moreover, by having the option to start discussions on specific content, categories and even embed videos, new users and veteran downloaders can further explain content, receive feedback and know ahead of time if what they are going to download is truly what it is they are seeking.

hexagon bittorent community

As in BitTorrent privacy, Hexagon explains that by having the feature of a private group also gives users the option to provide content but remain invisible to non members. This will definitely be a sweet spot for those that do not want to be known, want to remain on the down low and would rather just seed anonymously. In other words, enhanced privacy and staying away from the spotlight without copyright owners coming down on you.

This has been available before in different ways, but with Hexagon Torrent community, anyone can create a group and remain invisible to those they are have not invited and allowed within their groups.

Moreover, this same Privacy and group invites can also be deemed as a fan base situation. For example, if an up and coming band, an independent film maker or even a game developer would like to spread some promos, clips or game demos to its loyal fans only, it is now a lot easier for any newcomer to create its own group in Hexagon.

At the moment, Hexagon is in private beta but many invites have been available at TorrentFreak since Hexagon was launched.


hexagoncc bittorent community