Super Mario Brothers 3 Fingernail Design Keeps Gamers from Biting Their Nails

cool super mario brothers fingernails art

While having such long fingernails could definitely come in the way of fun and productive gameplay, this Super Mario Brothers 3 nails design could be just what is needed to keep gamers from biting their nails.

Here are some fake fingernails from Nailchick that were painted beautifully for a major Super Mario bros. 3 fan. The actual design is well made, and we get to see a number of separate scenes, characters and Super Mario costumes in the works.

If we see someone walking around with such fingernails, we may freak out a little bit, but it is not as crazy as the Super Mario feet tattoos we seen before. But then again, the feet you could always cover up with the Mario Warp Zone socks and the hands are pretty much out there for everyone to see.

fun super mario bros fingernails art

Via: Geekologie