Zune 4.0 Software Update Download and Features

download zune 4 software update

The new Zune 4.0 Software is now available and provides cool new features for the new Zune HD that is released today and available for $289.99, and if you want to have the new Zune already, then here are some of the new features.

Zune 4.0 Features:

The Zune HD and 4.0 Update is about making media a lot more enjoyable, fun to go through and an enhanced experience for the Zune user. In addition, it is already compatible with the up and coming Windows 7 Operating System (or those that have already installed the Windows 7 RC).

Zune 4.0 Quickplay
The Zune 4.0 Quickplay is designed like the Zune HD quickplay, so you will know your way around simultaneously. The Quickplay will show you recently added lists, recently played content and provide you an easy access to your Smart DJ Mixes.

Zune Movies Download and Purchase
This is the first time that you are able to download to purchase full length movies and TV shows (also avaialble in HD format).

Zune Pass Interaction
The new Zune HD and 4.0 makes it a lot easier to fall in love with the Zune Pass. This is a $15 a month subscription which allows you to listen to as many songs as you wish on 3 separate computers (and devices) which are available through the Zune Marketplace, including the ability to keep up to 10 songs each month – and keep if you canceled the subscription.

New additions to with the Zune 4.0 and the Pas are that you can play music through Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox even when not on your computer. Moreover, you have a notice of
how many songs you have left to keep, so you do not lose track, and if you have a problem deciding, they will recommend based on your taste in music.

zune 4 software update

Zune Smart DJ
Similar to the Genius Feature on the new iTunes 9, this is a way to create a mix library from your titles as well as ones within the Zune Marketplace. By selecting a musician, a specific song or an actual album, the Smart DJ will create a brand new mix to listen to. Unlike the iTunes 9 Genius feature, this will also combine songs you don’t necessarily have in your
library but available in the Zune Marketplace. On screen, it will shows ALL tracks, but those on the Marketplace are highlighted differently and will skip through, but are available for purchase. If you are a Zune Pass subscriber, then the Marketplace tracks will play and be available even though they are not on your actual computer.

Zune Song Picks
As it sounds, this is aimed to provide you music to cater to your taste and flavor. You can get rid of songs that aren’t to par, so it will show you different songs and suggestions more catered to your desire.

Zune Mini Player
A new Mini Mode is now available with the Zune 4.0 which still provides you the Smart DJ feature and music you have selected.

Zune Library
Unlike before, you can now filter your music library to show which is your music and which is from the Marketplace, so again you can keep track of your content and more.

The new Zune 4.0 is available for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and may be officially downloaded at Microsoft.

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