South Park Figures Turned to Trash Talking Bobble Heads

I guess that South Park is probably full of trash talkers and hence they are packing up some of the gang and marketing them all over the world in the form of Trash Talking Bobble Heads. It’s Butters and Timmy this time over, guess they begun with the support characters first, and as soon as these take the world over the lead characters might jump in.

south park butters talking bobble head

The naive outcast from the actual group, Butters is here to make it clear that no one is to take advantage of him; and if you dare push him around or touch his funky hairdo, “Son of a Biscuit” is what you are gonna get. He, in his sky blue jacket and a pumped up self esteem is out here to tell the world that he isn’t going to take any crap from anyone. He stands 7 inches tall and is here to tell all the people to take him home; and let butters deal with all those sons of biscuits who dare talk bak to you. This cute Bobble Head runs for only $10.99.

south park timmy talking bobble head

Also joining Butters is Timmy, voted the “Greatest Disabled TV Character” he is here not to be left behind. Wheeling in, he wants to make sure that he is included in the gang as well, and just to make sure you remember him always he’ll speak out a cute “Timmy” whenever you touch him. Just like Butters, Timmy’s Bobble Head costs only $10.99, making both affordable South Park toys for hours of fun.

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