Talking Digital Dumbbell Isn’t Dumb At All

In these modern days the old proverb stands very true, “Health Is Wealth”, and certainly in the wake of diseases like Cancer, Swine Flu, The Mad cow Disease (just joking!) and many others, we find that being healthy is very essential. The most common fitness equipment that we use regularly is undoubtedly the Dumbbell, the small metal bar with two weights on either side, kind of like a big dumb bully. But this new age dumbbell is here to prove that there are smarter kind of the breed as well, it does so by actually talking to you!.

digital fitness dumbbells

It is usually fun to workout with a partner or someone beside you who can appreciate what you do, but unfortunately in this super fast lives that we lead we hardly find the time to work out with a partner. But what if you could have a partner who would be right by your side every time you workout?

This new dumbbell from Mintpass might just be the right workout partner for you as it talks, in the voice of a professional trainer and close friend this dumbbell monitors all your actions and gives you tips on how to improve, it also praises you for a job well done! (all with the help of an inbuilt Accelerator Sensor).

It can also be synchronized with your PC and you can receive updates on your performance and tips to improve, you can also download different voice packages like a military trainer, a cheerful trainer or a sexy trainer. Along with the Dumbbell Alarm Clock, working out would never be the same as before.