The Digital Board Game System Introduces the GameFrame

rca board game digital concept

As a kid, my rewards for getting good grades in school used to be board games and so I collected several of them over the years, but board games won’t be accepted with new age kids. If you want to get their attention, it has to be based on a new age technology, which is established by this game frame by Kate Huthmaker: It is a folding LCD touch-screen digital gaming system and it is cool!

It would be so much fun to be able to sketch on the screen, to be able to change any to several different board games using the same board.

The designer has come up with this idea as a collaborative project with RCA, and I am sure it will be used for a lot more things than only being used for digital gaming applications. For  other, gaming inspired concepts, check out the high tech clipboard, the Pacman island and the world of warcraft pod.