Gadgets Elmo Crunching USB Gadget is a Laugh Riot!

Elmo Crunching USB Gadget is a Laugh Riot!

It’s time for adults with a kid’s heart to rejoice, for you have one more franchise to add to your fun storing briefcase, an Elmo crunching USB gadget that is cute, fun and hilarious; Only this time though, it may even appeal to the computer nerds who are in dire need of a break.

funny tickle me elmo usb gadget

What makes this device unique, is how people tend to imagine a three and a half year old doing crunches? I mean, if it was Rocky Balboa who had been doing those crunches and abs, then it would have been quite understandable, but a child’s buddy gearing up is what will make you smile. Although, the cool gadget, once connected to your USB hub, will be doing some hardcore body building, yet, the innocence and the childish nature of the character has been made clearly evident with the help of those cheeky expression that Elmo sports.

For children, it can help them to stay focused by showing the dedication that Elmo depicts while doing the sit-ups. The gadget is available sporting three different colored shirts namely blue, yellow and white for a price of $26, which according to my opinion is very expensive for a toy that doesn’t engages you in the play, right?

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