Wix the Free Flash Website Maker

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If you are a webmaster, you would know the importance of having a great looking website in order to attract more traffic, but unfortunately, attractive websites do not come for free and if you want features like Flash to be incorporated, you could expect the charges to be more than several hundred dollars. However, you could also be a little clever and use a cool service like Wix, as a beginners free website maker (with additional options).

Wix lets you create a professional looking Flash website for free and also help you manage your unique identity on the Internet. If you are a MySpace user, you could pimp your profile with the help of thousands of Flash templates available on Wix. It also lets you promote yourself if you are an artist or musician thanks to hundreds of templates for portfolios, flyers etc.

build flash websites with wix

Wix lets you do all this and more by just dragging and dropping icons. You need no knowledge about coding nor would you have to know how to build websites. At the click of a button, you will have your own professional looking website which would be your unique identity online. Wix comes with many community based support systems like forums and blogs. You could ask your doubts and seek answers to your Wix related problems in the forum.

easy flash website building wix

If you are willing, you could also choose the premium account which would entitle you to have your own domain, make your website ads free, get Google analytics, host your site professionally and gain premium support. If you need, you could also hire one of their professional web designers. Wix is one of the more innovative and functional websites that I have come across recently.