World of Warcraft Plush Troll Doll Is Your New Hunting Companion

Trolls from the World Of Warcraft are known for their extreme hunting skills which are much matched to their agile bodies and highly developed senses, and this cool plush Troll Doll is ready in all his splendor and his custom trappers outfit to explore the wild side.

world of warcraft troll doll

Where most of the Trolls stand about 7 feet high, our little hunting companion here is scaled down to a humble 18 inches when in standing position, just so that he could fit inside our homes. Since he is hunter he comes complete with a quiver full with highly deadly plush arrows, it is very essential to carry a weapon like this, especially when dealing with Murlocs.

cool world of warcraft troll doll

The cool hairdo is made with the crazy colored yarn, his eyes are hand painted, the cool tusks make him The Man; Hunting Man, at the same time he has a super soft minky body just to be popular with the feminine kind, finally he has his own complete set of micro fleece accessories.

new world of warcraft troll doll

Sadly our little friend here is not for sale, since he was made specially for a certain lucky someone. So if you are in for something that is just as cute as this plush toy here, why no check out the Star Wars Tauntaun Plush or the geeky Steve Jobs Plush Toy for the Apple admirers.

cute troll doll of world of warcraft

Via: Twocheeseplease.Livejournal