Fly and Drive with ParaJet SkyCar

parajet automotive flying car

Take a look at how cool this car is…this of course is the front view of the ParaJet SkyCar –  A car that has wings, or rather gives you wings to fly and takes you where ever you want to go is what ParaJet Automotive has come up with. You can also book your order and place it in the production queue now as it is available at £50,000, although it will be delivered to you if you place an order only during late 2010. Take a look at some more pictures of the SkyCar and read about some more specifications…

SkyCar takes you anywhere, whether it be good or bad terrain, land, sand or sky where ever you want to go. There are two functional modes of the car, the flight mode and the car mode. In the flight mode, it suspends you using the latest ram-air wing and is capable of taking off from a field or air strip in less than 200 mts length. In the car mode, as a car it operates not only to cater to your adventuring needs but also your basic day to day needs. It has a lightweight chassis and 140 bhp engine, it can reach 62 mph in just 4.2 seconds, and can go up to 140 mph of maximum speed. In case of any kind of engine failure in mid-air, the SkyCar releases a ballistic reserve parachute.


Take a look at SkyCar in the air and check out the video below. If water is more to your taste, check out the Water driving Lamborghini.

Via: ParaJet Automotive