Wheel Of Fortune Cake For the Lucky Somebody

cool wheel of fortune cake

We have a list of irresistibly delicious cakes here, but do any of them have the capability to decide your fortune; Yeah, you read it right, welcome to our large array of edible art a cake that looks like the famous Wheel Of Fortune.

Design wise, this cake has nothing to brag about – it’s just a simple round cake. But, the baker, I guess, must have been artistically gifted to turn this simple cake into a not so simple piece of art. Also, the baker has used small candles for the borders of the wheel, which is a simply marvelous idea, I say.

All in all, like the Geeky Laptop Cake and the Hamburger Cake which is a treat for junk food eaters alike, this cake also must be a treat for those with a sweet tooth. So, turn the wheel and see what awaits you – the grand prize or bankruptcy?