Death Doll Teaches the Importance Of Life

death doll design

Death is something that you really do not want to talk about since everybody hates it but eventually thinks about it at some point in their life and usually brings a conversation to a full stop. Thanks to this morbid death doll, many including adults and children can learn the importance of life. Sounds very creepy right?, well apparently the doll looks pretty cute setting aside the theme of death.

morbid doll design

evil doll design of death

This doll from Mintpass is much creepier then the Terminator Bear and is aimed at making kids realize the hardships of life and if no proper care is taken you may just die. The Dying Doll is not just made for playing, for you need to take proper care of it: feed it milk, play with it, and even give it a shot when it’s sick; if you fail in your job your little doll might just die.

life levels doll design

The LED indicator has a very cool way of communicating to it’s caretaker, it turns pink when it is hungry, blue when it is sick, green when it is happy, red when it is healthy and finally grey when it is an angel. Guess what?, this doll is network enabled so you can sync it with your PC and on synchronization it provides information on weather condition, stock report, traffic condition etc.

hospital death doll

Since this doll is highly sensitive, it may pass away if you accidentally drop it or step on it. But fear not, it can be resurrected  but you have to pay a price for it, just go to the homepage of the doll and by paying a small fee you can breathe life back into your doll. I think it is a nice way to learn how to cherish life.

dead angel doll

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